15th September: Application process re-opened for associations to register additional participants.
October: Tickets and joining instructions sent out.
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ID Name Status
1 Nick Page Approved
2 George Roche Submitted
3 John Foster Submitted
4 Peter Collins Submitted
5 John Connell Submitted
6 brian halliwell Submitted
7 Carl Brassington Submitted
8 Ian Frost Submitted
9 Vic Frewer Submitted
10 David Cooke Submitted
11 Darryl Shaw Submitted
12 Charlie Threlfall Submitted
13 Jon Kew Submitted
14 David Pearce Submitted
15 Colin Whitehouse Submitted
16 Steven Bullock Submitted
17 Patrick Paul Submitted
18 Adrian Moore Submitted
19 Donald Mackenzie Submitted
20 BIRCH Submitted