"The Admirals Pennant" a confession by Scouse English

Twenty years on, and the sleepless nights have finally forced me to confess (yeah right).  Any way I don't know if anyone can recall Gibraltar prior to heading South (82).  We were berthed outside of Flag Gib's offices, and one night someone managed to break into the admirals offices.  After managing to elude all security the culprit(s) reached the roof, removed the Admiral's pennant and hoisted it onto the Broadsword's mainmast.  The next morning Broadsword received a rather nasty signal from the Admiral requesting "his flag back".  Why? he sent a signal I don't know, he could have leaned out of the window and shouted over, achieving the same result without the need for all the signal protocols.

Anyway, the Wardrobe staff at the time believed that the late night raid achieved with such daring, stealth and guile, could only have been carried out by the Broadsword's detachment of Royal Marines (SORRY GUYS).  In fact it was carried out by A/B (R) Scouse English, aided and abetted by A/B (R) Stu Croskell.  At about 2am both so completely ratted we could hardly stand, and someone must have heard us laughing in Morocco.  A little known fact about the raid just to prove its authenticity is, after removing the flag we replaced it with a pair of Stu's underpants.  I can remember walking into the mess the following morning and Stu was there head in hands moaning away, (nothing new for Stu he was always moaning about something.  He was the only serving pacifist.  Says a lot for psychometric testing).  Anyway I said "Bad hangover Stu?"  "NO" came the reply " I think my name's stamped in those f*#*en undies".

I can sleep easy now.  Take care you lot.  See you in Chester.

Rob (Scouse).