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This then was our story, written as we saw things at the time. With hindsight some of the facts are wrong, others we misinterpreted but not with any malice or desire for self glorification. The true, full story will take many years to come out and only then will we be able to judge our full part in the enterprise. We have also seen some other claims which are frankly preposterous. They too will be shown up for what they are.

Many of the ships company helped in producing this book and to all of them our heartfelt thanks. A few do deserve a special mention.

Lt. Cdr Alan Johnson for some splendid ideas and all the proof reading.
Lt. Cdr Steve Auty for the mammoth written account of the operation.
Lt. Cdr Nigel Bray for the 'Diary of Events'. CPO. David Baker for the photographic work.
Lt. Richard Bell Davies for many of the personnel and action shots.
S/Lt Clive Pickering for some of the COVENTRY photographs.

Last but not least Sgt. Lewington RM of C in C Naval Home Commands Printing Office for all his encouragement and advice on production matters and the marvelous people of the Industrial Estate, Bishop Auckland for their donation to our Welfare Fund which covered the printing costs.

John Castle
June 1982