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T H E   R E S T A U R A N T
A T   T H E   E N D   O F   B O M B   A L L E Y
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Usually the scene of great activity during normal working days, the Main Galley coasts along, come the proverbial Hell or High Water cooking about 700 meals a day and rising to 900 during Defence Watches. Supervised by Petty Officer Cook Fudge (John) and manned by two Leading Hands and three Cooks, plus of course the Petty Officer Caterer Jim Goodwin and his dedicated organising team of Speed Feeders. During the recent turmoil, when we went to Action Stations nearly every day, the Galley produced a hot meal, on time, every time, even when the pipe "Hit the deck" was heard throughout the ship.

Pot mess immediately springs to everyone's mind but in fact the normal menu of three choices for each meal was adhered to as far as possible. The driving force to keep this machine running smoothly was not only supplied by the PO Cook but also by the Divisional Officer who frequently visited and sometimes even had his meal behind the counter, and by the boss, Lieutenant Commander A D Johnson, that mysterious person who always had a packet of Polos in his pocket (as well as an AGR full of fivers!) even when the NAAFI had been closed for hours.

The galley came in to its own when BROADSWORD played willing host to the survivors of COVENTRY, producing an extra hot meal for everyone, which goes to prove "always keep a little something in the fridge, as you never know just who might drop in to dinner"!

Due to the long period spent at sea, there were inevitable cut backs but the galley managed and even the ship's company didn't seem to mind that much, but 'a sailor is never happy unless he is moaning'....

However, an outstanding discovery was made by the Chefs, courtesy of the Argentinians.


Well done boys