Broadsword 1983 Gallery

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Brum, Dave, Stawbs and Sid sat on the 182 torpedo decoy Quarterdeck POS 1983 Tanzy San Carlos 1983
PO(S) Pony Moore and AB(S) Fez Parker 1983 Fez, Scouse Ball, Spud Hanwell and Sid Bawler Madeira 1983 Charlie, Strawbs, Tanzy, Brum, Debbie Reynilds, Dave Croft and Spud Hanwell Falklands 83 Broadsword rugby team Falklands 83 waiting for the pongos to turn up to play, they called it off .... too cold!!


Photos contributed By EX Broadsword AB(M) Douglas Hughes WEM(O) Mal Palin and LS(S) Fez Parker & Paul Brooker